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Doula Lyfe™ is A Resource & Apparel Company that supports the health & wellness of Doula Living.



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Alexandria Pryor – CCE, CBD, CPPD
I have been inspired by my mother (Mary) since early childhood as I witnessed her provide care and support to many young expectant mothers and their children.  While I mostly remember the beautiful, powerful impact that my mother made in the lives of many families, I also noticed so much selfless pouring out for others and never prioritizing her own health
& wellness.

Now that I have also given many years serving birthing families on the hospital labor & delivery unit, and as a private birth and postpartum doula, I  truly understand the challenges of trying to navigate through the ups and downs of Doula Lyfe™. 

From sleepless nights caring for newborns to being on-call and trying to cater to the needs of your clients, it is quite easy to lose sight of your own health and wellness.

Between 2012 and 2014, I watched my mother’s health deteriorate as she suffered three heart attacks. I lost my friend, business partner, and my favorite doula. As I recently began to take inventory of my own health & wellness, I have found myself dealing with some of the same issues of insomnia, being overweight, eating poorly, and not prioritizing self-care or properly setting boundaries. With that in mind, I became inspired by the realization that now is the time for me to change course so that I may have a future and continue to do the work that I know I was created to do.

So, even as I am on my own self-care journey, I would like to challenge doulas everywhere to get inspired and join the movement of celebrating your own Doula Lyfe™ by prioritizing self-care, effectively setting boundaries, mental and emotional health, physical fitness, and overall health & wellness.


Doula Lyfe™ was created to inspire in memory of the amazing Mama Doula Mary.

So, while you’re caring for others the way that you do, don't forget to care for you! 

Doula Lyfe™ - A place where space is held for doulas…And a great place to shop too!


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Mary Pryor

Mama Doula Mary